Athena Balance 5 Gallon

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Athena Balance is a simple formula of potassium silicate specifically concentrated to buffer irrigation water and stabilize to ideal pH. Silicon additionally benefits plant growth, stem structure, stress reduction, water usage (osmoregulation), and nutrient utilization.

Commercial growers find better results, particularly with reverse osmosis (RO) water, when buffering first with Athena Balance. Pure RO water has unstable chemical structure that can trap other nutrients when added without a buffer. Athena Balance adds just enough to the water to create a more homogenous fertilizer solution and reduce the need to pH adjust after mixing.

Formula is sediment-free and is compatible with mechanical dosing systems (Dosatron). Athena Balance is not recommended for electronic dosing systems (Netafim).

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Athena Balance 5 Gallon

Athena Balance provides essential nutrients for crops in any stage of growth. It is also effective for adjusting pH up without harsh chemicals. Recommended for use with batch tank mixing and Dosatron. Do not use with Netaflex (or other electronic dosers).

Mix at 1 – 4 mL per gallon of water through vegetative and flowering stages as needed.

• Agitate before mixing and dosing to ensure homogeneous solution.
• Compatible with other fertilizers and crop protection products.
• Add first to reverse osmosis (RO) water to help buffer for better solution stability.

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Athena exists to support the modern grower, no matter the scale. Our core principle is to formulate products that improve quality, reduce costs and drive consistency. Athena was born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California, where we are always in pursuit of the perfect run. As the weight of being a cultivator increases, we exist to make the complex simple.

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