Gavita Pro 900e LED 120-277V

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The Pro 900e LED is the solution for indoor growing environments where ceiling height and distance from canopy are paramount. Featuring the same performance and 8-bar configuration of our bestselling Pro 1700e LED, the 900e is a great fit for use in vertical racks, low rooms, over benches, or even in tents. Push plants to their full potential with a fixture tailored to how you grow. At 900 µmol/s, this LED by the leaders in horticultural lighting delivers impressive amounts of crop-loving light without overpowering plants in your setup. And because it operates at 345 W with 2.6 µmol/j—half the power of our best-performing fixture—you get less ambient heat that has the potential to damage your crops at close proximity, and incredible energy efficiency. Great for your plants, great for your bottom line.

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Gavita Pro 900e LED 120-277V

  • 8-bar configuration provides uniform light distribution that is ideal for vertical racks, low rooms, over benches, or in tents
  • 900 µmol/s delivers huge growing potential without overpowering your plants in a low-ceiling environment
  • Design provides an incredibly efficient 2.6 µmol/j at 345 W and produces a broad-spectrum light source ideal for any growth stage
  • Masterfully crafted with high-quality 120-277 volt Philips brand drivers
  • Top-bin LEDs power this built-to-last fixture
  • Features built-in 6k V surge protector
  • Multiple hanging options included in box for hanging the fixture from multiple mounting points
  • Balanced, full-spectrum light output
  • FCC and UL 8800 compliant
  • IP66 rated for use in wet environments
  • Each unit is eligible for a free 120-277v power cord and E-Series adapter.
120 Volt 208 Volt 240 Volt 277 Volt
Input current at 100% 2.9 Amps 1.7 Amps 1.5 Amps 1.3 Amps
Input power at 100% 345W 345W 345W 345W
Light source LED LED LED LED
Lamp base Osram and Samsung LEDs Osram and Samsung LEDs Osram and Samsung LEDs Osram and Samsung LEDs

Gavita 900e LED Light Fixture Manual                  Gavita Pro 900e LED More Information

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Weight 16.329312 lbs
Dimensions 43.700 × 44.100 × 2.300 in



Gavita is the largest specialized horticultural lighting company in the world. We are active on all five continents with projects ranging from single fixtures to large greenhouses with well over 100,000 fixtures, serving the retail, research and professional horticultural market.
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