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4780 Mission Gorge Place, #A-1 San Diego, CA 92120


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Ph: 619-287-3238

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From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow. -Aeschylus

At Mighty Hydro, our highly experienced staff understands how to meet all of your hydroponics and growing needs. From the hobbyist to commercial production, we provide the tools necessary to achieve your goals on any scale. We can inform you on the latest in horticultural lighting technologies including LED lights, ceramic metal halides, and double-ended HIDs. New grower? From deciding what grow tent fits best in your room to how many devices you can safely run for your project, we are here to optimize your grow space. Let us help you determine if organic nutrients are best for your conditions or a more available synthetic is appropriate for your garden. We also welcome experienced high-yield farmers aiming to increase profit and reduce cost. Our resources can help improve on design and ensure your operation runs efficiently. Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with solutions.

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