Netafim White Polyethylene Tubing 17mm – 100 ft

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Blank Polyethylene Tubing is warranted to be free from original defects in materials and workmanship for a period of seven (7) years and ten (10) years for environmental stress cracking (surface or subsurface applications). This warranty applies only to products with a wall thickness of 35 mil or greater.

• Made from the highest quality low density resins.
• Excellent Ultra-Violet (UV) and acid resistance.
• Available in black or bright white color, standard coil lengths or large diameter reels to meet your specific needs.
• Bright white tubing is opaque to prevent algae growth, withstand heat and harsh chemicals while producing cooler water temperatures.
• Every reel undergoes a battery of tests to insure high quality manufacturing standards are met.
• Available with pre-punched holes at various spacings.

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Netafim Bright White UV Polyethylene Tubing 17mm – 100 ft
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• Tree, vine, permanent row crop and greenhouse or nursery
• Subsurface, surface and suspension from vine
• For use with riser lines

Netafim Polyethylene Tubing (PDF)

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