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Bulletproof Si ® delivers silicon in a form that may be utilized in virtually any fertilizer regimen. The silicon form (SiO2) has shown to increase agricultural production, yield, strengthening plants, promote resistance to stressors like heat, cold, drought, lodging, accelerate maturity, promotion of a advantageous upright stature which leads to favorable exposure of leaves to light.

Bulletproof Si ® is formulated without potassium to facilitate application flexibility. Bulletproof Si ® is extremely beneficial in hydroponics, coco blends, and soilless growing media. **NOTE** A strong aroma similar to ammonia is normal in Bulletproof Si. The specialty enzymes used in the formula produce a sour, almost acetic smell. Always shake very well before use.

In addition, Bulletproof Si ® is designed for use in hydroponics, continuous feed, drain to waste, soilless, and traditional soil growing applications.

Bulletproof Si ® is recommended for use with all Cutting Edge Solutions® products, as well as with other commercial hydroponic nutrients. Bulletproof Si ® should be applied to roots and leaves during all stages of growth.

Use lighter solutions of Bulletproof Si ® for young plants, perennials, and during foliar application. Higher strength solutions are best suited for fast growing annuals, during both vegetative growth and fruiting/flowering.

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This is a highly concentrated solution. Never mix undiluted concentrates as this may result in nutrient lock-up. Add each nutrient separately to water and aerate reservoir regularly. Apply Bulletproof Si ® to water before any other nutrients.

Shake well and measure carefully using a milliliter measuring cup. If adding to an already mixed reservoir, ensure Bulletproof Si ® is diluted in fresh water before adding to fertilizer solution.

Bulletproof Si ® is strongly alkaline and will raise nutrient solution pH. After nutrients are mixed in water, adjust ph to 5.5-6.5.

Monitor ppm/EC and pH in reservoir and top off with fresh water as needed.

Reservoir temperature should be 60-68 degrees F.

Do not store product in direct sunlight. Do not freeze.


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