Fast Release Dry Gas Deep Deodorizer 1K

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GC Fast Release generator is a true dry gas fumigation for deeply deodorizing spaces and environments, including hard to reach areas such as microscopic openings on non-sealed materials, HVAC ducting, electrical conduit, and much more.

Due to the very small size of the ClO2 molecule, it can easily penetrate into all of these spaces to eradicate odors, ethylene gas, VOCs and other compounds from deep within. For best results, spaces should be sprayed down with GC Liquid prior to completing a fast release treatment.

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GARD’NCLEAN – 1K Fast Release Dry Gas Deep Deodorizer (1,000 cu ft)
Available Sizes:

  • 1K Fast – Treats up to 1,000 cubic feet
  • 2.5K Fast – Treats up to 2,500 cubic feet
  • 4K Fast – Treats up to 4,000 cubic feet
  • 10K Fast – Treats up to 10,000 cubic feet

Gard’nClean Fast Release FAQs                            Fast Release Safety Data Sheet


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As innovators in antimicrobial solutions, Gard’nClean brings you the world’s most versatile and user-friendly choice for surface disinfection, sanitation and space deodorization. This easy-to-use, just-add-water patented delivery system offers a more intelligent and environmentally sophisticated method for decontamination.
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