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Flora Kleen® is formulated to remove fertilizer residue that can accumulate in hydroponic systems, growing media and potting soils over time. Use Flora Kleen monthly to maintain your hydroponic system or potted plants and eliminate excess salts that can accumulate over time from regular fertilizer application.

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• Dissolves away accumulated fertilizer salts.

• Reduces excess and imbalanced fertilizers.

• Releases nutrient bond between plant and system.

• Use Flora Kleen as a final flush for one week before harvest.

• Safe for hydroponic systems and media while plants are growing.


Hydroponic systems:

•Between nutrient changes: Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons per gallon water. Use milder solution for young or fragile plants, stronger solution for older and stronger plants close to harvest. Recirculate in hydroponic system for one to two hours. Drain and refill hydroponic system with fresh nutrient solution.

•Final flush before harvest: Drain old nutrient solution and discard. Refill hydro-ponic reservoir with fresh water and mix 2 teaspoons Flora Kleen per gallon water. Run this solution during last day or two before harvest.

Potting Soil & Soilless Mixes:

•Fill a watering can with fresh water and add 1 to 2 teaspoons Flora Kleen. Drench until there is runoff from the bottom of the pot. Resume your regular fertilizer schedule with the next watering.


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