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Maxi Series, comprised MaxiGro and MaxiBloom, is a duo of standalone, water-soluble formulas with primary, secondary and micronutrients. MaxiGro and MaxiBloom are highly concentrated and dissolve rapidly in water. Their dry form means they are portable and can be easily stored, which makes them a popular choice for outdoor gardeners.

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MaxiBloomTM is formulated for the flowering phase of plant growth and is designed to enhance robust flowering with enormous, gorgeous, fragrant blooms. Blended with purified water-soluble minerals, MaxiBloom includes Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur, missing in many common plant foods; essential for both plants and people. The Maxi Series is excellent for hydroponics as well as soil gardening. Use MaxiGro during the growth phase and switch to MaxiBloom during the bloom phase.

Usage: 1 – 2 teaspoons per gallon fresh water. ( 5 – 10 grams per 4 liters fresh water. )Soil: Apply nutrient once or twice weekly. Use plain water between applications.

Hydroponics: Change nutrient reservoir weekly. Use mild strength nutrient for delicate plants and full strength nutrient for robust plants


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