GroGreen – Garden Hose Filter

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The GroGreen Filter has a customized flow restrictor allowing ideal contact time with filtration media to maximize the reduction of chlorine, sediment, rust, silt, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mercury, lead and PCBs (organic chlorine).

  • Easily produces 120 gallons per hour
  • Rated at 2 GPM
  • Removes Up to 99% of Chlorine and Chloramines
  • Reduces Foul Tastes & Odors, Sediment and Rust
  • Invigorates Organic Compost, Soil Amendments & Bio-Teas
  • Improves Quality of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers
  • Protects Beneficial Biologicals
  • Eco-friendly green coconut carbon
  • Filter life: 11,000 gallons

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GroGreen – Garden Hose Filter

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 7 × 14 in



HydroLogic Purification Systems® specializes in a wide range of professional quality water purification products designed for many uses including gardening, hydroponics, residential, and commercial applications. We have the most efficient water purifiers in the industry, saving water, time and money. From the backyard gardener to professional coffee roaster, our diverse customer base appreciates our cutting-edge technology, simple set-up, affordable pricing and of course, amazing results. We pride ourselves on being an earth-friendly company and utilize local resources and labor for the majority of our products. We source as many USA-made components as feasible. Many of our systems, like the Evolution-RO™ and HyperLogic Commercial RO, are completely manufactured in the USA. We incorporate earth-friendly, green technologies like our green coconut carbon filter, made from eco-friendly coconut husks rather than traditionally mined carbon.


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