iHort Prefilled Excel T-50 Kit Trays

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  • Great for starting seeds and cuttings
  • Excellent moisture and aeration
  • Ideal for all media applications

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iHort Prefilled Excel T50 Trays

Product #: X10LT50
Tray Size (in): 10″ 20″
Plug Dimensions: 40/40
Fits: iHORT 40/40 Q Plug
Cell Plug Quantity : 50
Plugs/Cells per Case: 350
Case Weight: 20
Cases per Pallet: 40
Pallet Weight: 800
Trays per Case: 7
ea.: 50

Net Volume: Single Plug: 2.04 cubic in / 33.2 cubic cm

Ingredients: Coco Coir, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coconut Shell Bio Char

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