Rack Tray Black 2ft x 4ft


Botanicare® 2 ft x 4 ft Rack Tray is designed to fit standard (48 in L x 18 in D x 69 in H) chrome wire shelving. Utilizing bakers’ racks for vertical propagation allows you to increase your production by more than 300% without sacrificing additional square footage. The 2 ft x 4 ft rack is perfect for large-scale microgreen or commercial propagators looking to maximize their production. Specifically designed features allow this tray to sit flat on shelving with a trough that hangs slightly over the edge. The trough reduces standing water. This rack tray will fit four 10 x 20 in propagation trays.

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Botanicare Rack Tray 2ft x 4ft – Black

The trough collects runoff then directs it towards the bulkhead recess to reduce standing water.

2×4 Rack Tray

The Botanicare 2×4 Rack Tray is designed to fit standard (48”L x 18”D x 69”H ) chrome wire shelving (baker’s racks). At 45.5” in length these trays fit snugly inside the wire shelving units- Each tray can accommodate four 10” x 20” prop flats. The 2×4 Rack Tray is perfect for large scale micro green or commercial propagators looking to maximize production. Three trays and a reservoir can fit comfortably on a standard chrome wire shelf unit producing more than 600 clones or 12 micro green flats in an 8 sq ft area.

4×8 Rack Tray
The Botanicare 4×8 Pallet Rack tray is designed to fit standard (42” W x 96” L) pallet racking or shelving. The 4×8 Rack Tray can help maximize large scale microgreen or propagation production by accommodating sixteen 10 × 20 prop flats. The 93” length allows trays to be palletized vertically in quantities of 30 on a standard 40”x 48” pallet.



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