Roots Organics Formula 707 3 cu ft

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Roots Organics Formula 707 is a ready-to-use soil created for a special kind of gardener, those who want to control their own destiny. Formula 707 is different from the other growing mixes created by Aurora Innovations. It was designed with greater water-holding capacity, fewer nutrients, less perlite and less pumice, and it contains ingredients specific to large container gardening. In fact, the packaging is a 30-gallon grow bag containing about 20 gallons of the finest quality potting mix. Just punch holes in the bottom, cut off the top and plant.

Our Roots Organics soil bags double as pots – just cut the top off, drop the plant in, and you’re ready to go.

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Place Roots Organics Formula 707 in a container with drainage holes. Fill the pot with Formula 707 soil to allow the top of the plant’s root ball to be about two inches below the rim of the pot. Insert support if necessary. Water transplant thoroughly, using a light fertilizer solution if desired. When plants are moved from one stage to another, such as from cuttings to pots or when transplanting one size up, reduce fertilizing until you see signs of growth again.

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