Saboten Angle Straight Blade Shears

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Saboten Angle Straight Blade Trimming Shears features an ergonomic design and non-slip grip for easy trimming. The sharp tip design allows for quick and precision trimming especially in tough to reach areas. Saboten Trimming Shears also feature measurement indications on the blade and handles for easy measuring and are available in both straight and angled models.

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Saboten Angle Straight Blade Trimming Shears Scissors – Orange

Features include:
Ergonomic Design
Stainless Steel Blade
Fluorine Coated
Resin Cushion
Japanese Razor Sharp Quality
Made in Japan



"Saboten always pursues a new technology for more useful, efficient and easy handling for everyone." October. 1932, we founded at MIKI city where the oldest hardware town in Japan. Saboten Co., Ltd always seek new features and "Universal designe" that every user can handle easily. We are also tackling innovation and development that users are requesting for gardening tools. Saboten signed gardening tools have been received high evaluation as useful tool with sharp cut in overseas. Our goal is to contribute home gardening and farmer in the world through our products.
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