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Reduce heat stress and improve air quality with Schaefer’s uniquely designed circulation fans. These fans are engineered to produce greater air movement and superior cooling no matter the application. Also known as Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) fans, these fans move air in a coherent horizontal pattern creating a gentle “racetrack” airflow pattern needed in greenhouses to maximize heat distribution and humidity control by mixing the air, from ceiling to floor. Deep guard design for unmatched performance, low noise levels and safety without sacrificing airflow. Matching high-quality motors and blades for maximum efficiency. Powder-coated steel guards and bracket for increased durability and corrosion resistance. Comes with 5 ft 120 V power cord not wired, except #737600 is wired.

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Schaefer Versa-Kool Circulation Fan 12 in w/ Tapered Guards, Cor

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Weight 8.164656 lbs
Dimensions 15.000 × 14.000 × 16.000 in



Solutions designed to keep you and your growing environment comfortable and controlled. For greenhouse and agricultural growing spaces better environmental control means increased production. Schaefer offers a complete line of controls, automated inlets and outlets, circulation fans and evaporative cooler to circulate, exhaust and draw in air. Schaefer solutions include many types and sizes of heavy-duty exhaust fans, shutters, evaporative cooling systems, evaporative spot coolers, environmental controls and thermostats, in-line duct fans, blowers and indoor/outdoor infrared heaters. Built to handle regular cleanings and moisture exposure and provide superior performance and increase durability. High-quality materials, low operating costs, and extreme durability make Schaefer solutions an excellent choice to increase long-term yields.
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