Digital Day/Night Remote Controller (BETA-1)


The BETA-1 is a simple solution for the Mini Split Air Conditioners.

It uses the remote control that came with your mini split air-conditioner to “learn” how to change the setpoints on the mini-split. Just about any brand of mini-split unit can be controlled by the BETA-1. Once the BETA-1 learns the signals from your remote controller, it will automatically change the setpoint on the mini-split to two separate Day and Night temperatures. It does this AUTOMATICALLY by using a small IR (infrared) emitter/sending unit that will send the same signal to the mini-split, as the remote control would normally send.

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TrolMaster Day/Night Remote Controller (BETA-1)
• LCD Display
• Built-in Photocell Sensor
• Day-Night Control

1 x   Legacy BETA-1 Controller (BETA-1)
1 x   Signal Emitter

Input Voltage:                                     120 Volts AC
Maximum Current:                            0.2A
Working Environment:                   Temperature 32-122°F  Humidity = 90%
AC Power Cord Length:                   1.8m

BETA-1 Manual                                    BETA-1 Tech Sheet




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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 10.8 × 3.4 × 3.7 in


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