Hydro-X 4-Outlet Expander Station (4RS-1)


The 4RS-1 is a universal 4-outlet power expansion module. It can be used with any of TrolMaster’s “plug-in” style device modules to expand the number of devices that can be controlled by the Hydro-X. A single 120-240 volt “trigger” cable on the 4RS-1 connects to your device / control module. When the device module is activated by the Hydro-x, the 4RS-1 trigger cable will turn on each of the 4 receptacles on the 4RS-1 with a 3 second time delay between each outlet being activated. That minimizes high start-up (inrush current) and allows up to 4 devices to be safely controlled. The 4RS-1 must be installed with a 120/240 volt power circuit (up to 50-amps @ 240VAC). Three wire terminals inside the unit accept up to #6 AWG wire making connections to the power source easy.

*This plug is NOT U.L. or E.T.L listed

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TrolMaster Expander Station 4 for Hydro-X or Aqua-X System (4RS-1)
• Individual Power Relay (25A for each outlet)
• 3-second Intervals as Time Delay for Reducing Start-Up Surges

1 x   Hydro-X/Aqua-X 4 Outlet Expander Station (With Trigger Cable for Multi-Device Control) (4RS-1)

Main Power Voltage:               240V
Receptacle Quantity:              4
Max Relay Amperage:             25A
Operating Temperature:       41-140°F
Operating  Humidity:              0-99% Noncondensing




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Dimensions 10.8 × 10 × 3.7 in


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