Hydro-X RJ12 to Threaded Converter Cable (ECS-3)

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The ECS-3 provides a 5/8” diameter connector for some of Fluence brands LED fixtures using Threaded Waterproof  Connectors for interconnecting. Like the other ECS kits, the ECS-3 comes with a 16ft RJ12 cable, a T-splitter, and a special 4ft RJ12/Threaded Waterproof  Connector cable.

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TrolMaster RJ12 to Threaded Waterproof Connector Converter Cable Set for Hydro-X System (ECS-3)
• Plug & Play

1 x   16ft RJ12 Cable
1 x   4ft RJ12 to 3pin IP67 Converter Cable
1 x   T-shaped Splitter

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6.1 × 3.3 × 1.2 in



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