Digital CO2 PPM Controller (BETA-8)


The BETA-8 CO2 controller offers a precision CO2 NDIR sensor/controller in an affordable easy-to-use package. The BETA-8 features a high-quality remote CO2 sensor (with 16ft cable) and built-in photocell to automatically activate your supplemental CO2 system to maintain CO2 PPM levels only during daylight hours. The BETA-8 also has adjustable deadband and min-max recall. It also has a ‘fuzzy-logic’ feature which will more accurately control compressed CO2 systems. The CO2 sensor can be easily re-calibrated and will continue to operate accurately for many years.

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TrolMaster Digital CO2 PPM Controller (BETA-8)
• Digital Display
• Built-in Photocell Sensor
• Fuzzy-Logic Control

1 x   Legacy BETA-8 CO2 PPM Controller (For Regulator & Generator) (BETA-8)
1 x   CO2 Sensor

Input Voltage:                                     120 Volts AC
Output Relay Rating:                       10A
Fuse Rating:                                         6A/250V~
AC Power Cord Length:                   1.8m
CO2 Control Range:                          400-2000 PPM
CO2 Deadband Range:                     20-200 PPM
CO2 Accuracy:                                     ±50 PPM
CO2 Sensor Type:                              NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared)

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